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Cold Stone Creamery

In Indonesia, Bali is a famous the beauty of the sea. Not only that, Bali’s one of the most visited destinations by tourists and Indonesian people living outside the Bali area. Bali is one of the suitable destinations for your vacation. Summer holidays are supposed to do on the beach for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing.

Your summer vacation is incomplete if it’s not equipped with ice cream. Ice cream very suitable for eating when the weather is hot to lower your body temperature, besides ice cream can also be used as a dessert that you can enjoy while relaxing on the beach. Isn’t that fun?

Therefore, Cold Stone opens the shop back to fulfill your needs for your summer vacation. In Bali, Cold Stone has seven stores spread throughout Bali. Furthermore, Cold Stone Bali not only provides ice cream, but also ice cream cake, birthday cake, and latest shake n smoothies.

Get Taste Of Melt Ice Cream On Your Mouth

Ice cream that created by Cold Stone is the best ice cream that you can feel, apart from the many flavor variants provided by Cold Stone, the texture that we owned is also very soft so that when you eat it will immediately melt in your mouth.
Not only ice cream that has an incredible taste, ice cream cake by Cold Stone is also the best ice cream cake until now. If you are looking for a birthday cake that is different from the most and want to have an unique birthday cake, you can visit the Cold Stone store closest to Bali to get their best ice cream cakes.

You can also enjoy ice cream cake alone without waiting for the right time to eat it. The sweet and soft taste can melt immediately on your tongue and pamper your mouth with the taste obtained from the ice cream cake itself. You will not regret it when you bought ice cream cake, either for yourself or for your loved ones. Because Cold Stone always provides quality products from the best choice of ingredients. Not only providing quality products, Cold Stone also has the best service so it won’t disappoint you when making a purchase.

Get Various Type Of Ice Cream For All Occasion at the Cold Stone Creamery Bali

Ice cream cake is available for signature cakes and custom cakes. If you have your own design that you want, you can choose custom cake that can be made according to your wishes. Besides that ice cream cake is not just for birthday cake, it can also be used for other events that you are holding such as parties, events, greetings, weddings, etc.

Having a party on the beach in Bali is incomplete if there is no ice cream, so Cold Stone has a solution to the problem you have, Cold Stone provides catering for your event so that it can liven up your party. It’s not just for a party, but for other events, both formal and informal. Cold Stone provides catering and it’s ready to serve you. Many catering package choices that can enliven your event, you can check directly on the Cold Stone website.