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Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery is an ice cream company from the United States. Cold Stone expanded their company to the whole world including Indonesia, with an ice cream as their main products. Cold Stone creamery in Indonesia is spread throughout the areas of Jakarta and Bali.

Cold Stone serves a variety of ice cream flavors with a variety of toppings that will make you not feel bored with the taste served by Cold Stone creamery. There is not only ice creams but they also provide shake n smoothies and ice cream cakes. Cold Stone creamery is the one of the most popular ice cream cakes until today.

Have A Taste Various Type Of Ice Cream Cakes From Cold Stone Creamery

If you are looking for an unique taste ice cream cake, you can put in Cold Stone on your list that you must feel for yourself the taste Cold Stone has. Ice cream cake can be created as a birthday cake for birthday events that held once a year by your loved ones. Ice cream cake is not only for birthday’s but also for various events that you hold, such as parties, events, Christmas, surprise, etc.

Ice cream cake provided by Cold Stone is a signature cake which is a special cake made by Cold Stone such as cookies and creamery, coffee chocolate delight, cheesy crunch, cake away, cake better confetti, midnight delight, etc. Birthday cakes that have ‘happy birthday’ written on the cake and candles are also provided immediately without you having to waste your money again to bought it. Then there are custom cakes where you can create your own cakes according to your wishes, tastes and as freely as you want, which you can order a few days before your event is begin.

The price charged for an ice cream cake variation depending on each type of cake offered by Cold Stone creamery. Cold Stone creamery also offers 50% discount for credit card users. The price you spend will not be wasted because the taste that Cold Stone creamery owned is worth the price offered.

Have An Unique Taste of Ice Cream Cakes From Cold Stone Creamery

Can you imagine it? When a soft cake meets the coldness of ice cream wrapped in one to produce a sweet and cold taste. The Cold Stone ice cream cake is the best in terms of taste, texture, and softness. The flavor created by Cold Stone is different from other ice cream stores, they have a taste that is very unique, soft, sweet, and smooth into one. Imagine sweetness from cakes and ice cream mixed together to create a new taste on your tongue and spoil your mouth with the unique taste of Cold Stone creamery.

Because life is too short just to eat a disappointing ice cream cake. We deserve the best ice cream, and Cold Stone can make it happen for all of you. You can order it through directly to the store or you can order through the website that owned by Cold Stone Creamery.